Best You Are Special To Me Quotes In 2022


You Are Special khổng lồ Me Quotes: Many people enter our lives, but only a few leave a lasting impression; these are the people we refer lớn as “special.”

While having them in our lives is fun, people need to lớn feel valued for who they are & what they have done for us.

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We all have people in our lives without whom we might not consider life khổng lồ be worthwhile. We need to lớn tell these people how much we appreciate them.

It’s difficult to express our feelings, but it’s even more difficult lớn reflect on & truly express how special they are to us.

I have written heart-touching you are so special khổng lồ me quotes below for the special people in our lives to lớn depict how special they are; I hope we learn or feel không lấy phí to truly express how we feel. This collections of you are special khổng lồ me quotes will be useful.


you are special to me quotes for him

Let’s get started….

Heart Touching You Are Special lớn Me Quotes

It’s easy to find people, colleagues and associates, but it hard to find friends we can truly depend on. You are my friend và your kind is extremely unique.

Whenever I think lớn know you I kết thúc up glowing, you are a wonder.

There are wonders of the world, you are a wonder of the heart.

You are special because of the goodness of your heart.

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I don’t know where I would be without you in my life, all I know is I am never letting you go.

You are more precious than gold khổng lồ me.

A kim cương has less value when compared lớn you.

When we first met, I wondered how long we would last, now I don’t want lớn ever let go.

You are a very important part of my life, I can’t imagine life without you.

Whenever I remember when we first began, how far we have come, I never want lớn think of an kết thúc for us và to us. You are priceless.

No one fits the description special like you do. You are special in every way và dear to my heart.

I thank God every day for bringing you my way, for your kind heart and winning smile. You are truly loved.

Amazing is the word I think of when I think of you, you really are an amazing person in character & personality and the way you make others feel.

I am mad at you. I never knew I could love someone this much till I met you. You are special to me và I would always cherish you.

It feels wonderful like I am walking on clouds whenever memories of you flood my mind and my heart. You are the definition of exquisite.

Wealth, health, fame & living holds no appeal without you by my side và in my life. You are a wonder. I am blessed khổng lồ know you.

You Are So Special khổng lồ Me

Ever since you came into my life, there has been more meaning and clarity. It’s blissful khổng lồ see the world through your eyes. You are an amazing person và I love you immensely.

You are special. Sincere, perceptive, elegant, caring, intelligent, accountable & lovingly loyal.

If I were khổng lồ make a wish on a shooting star, it would be that we would always be together. You are immensely important khổng lồ me.

You are my personal fairytale and I hope it never ends cause with you, my fairytale is my reality.

Being special is being uniquely you, totally and absolutely.

You have a monument being for you in my heart & mind.

Special is what describes you, and with all your flaws & strengths, you’ve never been more perfect.

I get the best feeling when you say Hi or even smile at me because I know, even if it’s just for a second, I crossed your mind.

Enchanting is the way to lớn describe your smile, it means a lot to me.

Watching you blossom into the woman you are meant to be, means the world lớn me.

Having you in my life has made life worth living. You feel my heart with joy và happiness. I would never stop cherishing you.


You are a diamond, hard to find & harder lớn let go of. You hold a special place in my heart.

No one understands me lượt thích you do, or knows my thought and desires lượt thích you. You are one in a million.

Giving you up is something I never want lớn do. I would be suicidal because I would be losing a valuable part of me.

Princesses are not just those born into royal bloodlines, they are people who hold the world in their smile & you are one of them. You are the best princess.

With you, I have not just a sibling but a friend, partner and lover. What more could my heart request for. I have all of you.

Special people are not just those say are special but those who have proved it. You are special in a million ways.

You are special lớn me and having you in my life has made a world of difference. You are awesome.

I always look forward khổng lồ any amount of time spent with cause you leave me with a world of wealth that no one else does. You are simply delightful.

You are a bundle of inspiration và motivation even in the gloomiest times. I don’t know where I would have been without you a discount I am glad I never got khổng lồ discover it.

You are various shades of consistency, loyalty, commitment và precious. Those are what I think of when I think of you.

I would not have known what it means to conquer the world if I had never met you. You are multiple shades of awesome.

Who knew friendship could be this awesome. I would never have known this if I hadn’t met you. You are priceless.

Prices are placed on antiques, but a price can’t be placed on you because you are worth more than the best antique in the world.

When I think of how we first began, I am left speechless. I love you more than words can express.

There are various kinds of people in the world but you are a multiplier and a true addition lớn those around you. You simply are the best & I always wish the best for you.

If life is an ocean, you are my boat. With you by my side, I can never drown. Thanks for being my anchor.

If life was a myth, you would be the truth because you are my reality.

I value our friendship, so much that I never want to chiến bại it. You are the best.

You always make the impossible, seem very possible. Your nature is infectious and I never want to be apart from you.

With you, it feels like I am flying on an angel’s wing. You are my angel và you are perfect.

You are worth more to lớn me than any precious stones. You are like a magnificent work of art, intricately designed.

You have always been a constant in spite of all the unknowns. You are wonderful & hold the highest place in my heart.

Missing you is an understatement. I never want to be apart from you. You are amazing and you always leave me amazed.

You Are Very Special to lớn Me

I regret not knowing you until recently, since the moment I knew you, my life has had a turning point. You are awesome.

I am yet khổng lồ meet someone who is as down khổng lồ earth as you, blunt yet graceful và very caring. I am glad that you are a part of my world.

I am yet to met a person who elicits gracefulness và kindness as much as you. You are unique & I am proud of you.

You are more valuable than rubies. You are a friend among friends.

You are an epitome of wisdom masked in gentility. You are awesome.

You are dear khổng lồ me & I thank God every time for the day we met.

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You are the bravest person I know, always risking yourself for the good of others. I adore you.

You are wonderful in the way you bring peace to lớn a potential war zone. You are of great value.

Knowing you has been a worthwhile process, one I won’t mind repeating again. You are special và I hope you know that.

My experiences with you have been memorable. You are special, never you forget that.

The euphoria of meet a person fades after a while but with you, it’s gets renewed daily.

You are irreplaceable lớn me. My friend and soul mate.

With you, every moment is a celebration that never ends. You are amazing.

You are like sunshine that reflects on others. You are awesome.

If a moment spent with you was a raindrop, then it would rain all year long. You are precious.

Your presence is rejuvenating, like food khổng lồ a hungry man.

Your smile is lượt thích spice lớn meals, you spice up my life và make it better. You are a gem.

Your words are like medicine to a sick fellow. You are more valuable than words can describe.

I am delighted to lớn have you in my life. My life has been better và fulfilling since you came into my life. You are precious to lớn me.

You are a gem, hard lớn find but worth every moment and effort involved in the search.

Your presence in my life has been enlightening, it’s like a torchlight in the dark. You are unique.

You are infallible to me và simply awesome.

You are the most precious person to lớn me in this world và hopefully the same in the afterlife.

As the sun is to the moon, so you are to lớn me.As books are khổng lồ a bibliomaniac, so you are khổng lồ me.

You are as essential lớn me as air is to lớn life.

You are as important to me as water is khổng lồ the fish.

You are like rain to lớn me, bringing growth to every aspect of my life.

As water is important lớn bryophyte, so your presence in my life is.

Like the moon is incomplete without the stars, so is my life without you.

All my life, I have never had anyone who cares about me as much as you. You are exquisite.

My life is a whole lot better with you here, I am grateful for everything you have done for me.

Being special is all about being you, you are special in every way, in character and personality.

I am glad to lớn know you, you are special and amazing in every way.

Being with you is refreshing, you make me feel alive. You are exquisite.

You are lượt thích fuel khổng lồ fire, you make me want to be much more.

You are inspiring, you inspire me to lớn be better than I have ever been. You are awesome.

You are a friend indeed, you make others aspire lớn be better. You are a trò chơi changer.

Friendship with you has been blissful, though we have had our ups & downs. You are irreplaceable.

Your presence in my life is wonderful, I don’t know where I would be if you were absent. You are unique.

Hopefully, in time, I would be able to lớn give you the world, cause you deserve it & more.

You are one of the most important persons in my life, I am proud of you và how far you have come.

You are amazing và I am so glad to have you in my life. You make the desire to better.

You are more desirable than the best rum, you light up my world with your smile.

It’s amazing how a second can turn into a lifetime & it’s been worth it with you. You are precious lớn me.

I feel marvelous whenever you are around because you are the best thing that has happened lớn me in forever.

You are one in a zillion và highly irreplaceable.

People lượt thích you make the world an interesting place. You are a rare gem.

Being with you feels lượt thích being on top of the world. You make me feel like a champion. You are precious lớn me.

You are amazing. Amiable, magnificent, amicable, zealous, interesting, nice và great.


You Are Special khổng lồ Me Quotes For Him

You Are Special to Me Quotes For Him

In a world where I’m the only human king, I chose you as my one và only queen. In a world where I’m the only prince, only you, I made my princess because you’re worthy of being loved and cherished, you mean the world khổng lồ me!.e helped me achieved a lot in life, you’ve given hope where there’s no hope và you give me a smile where there’s no smile.

I cannot stop loving you because you’re my only angel whom I cherish with all my heart and you mean so much khổng lồ me!

I feel too much pain from this world that I almost gave up till you came lớn my life và changed everything. You brought hope and joy to lớn my world and that is why I’ll continue to lớn love you until eternity: you mean the world to me!

I feel empty and disturbed, but you came to lớn my life khổng lồ make it meaningful once more. You gave me hope to lớn be happy after the much sadness I went through in the past.

I feel so lucky because you’re part of me and you mean so much to me! the time of hardship, you stayed with me, in times of sorrow you wiped away my tears. Whenever I feel so lonely you mean so much to lớn me!

I was alone, but you kept me busy, I was sad, but you put a smile on my face, that’s how I was weak, but you became my strength, I was feeble và you had been my hope. I cannot see myself again since your love has filled my heart, you mean so much to lớn me!

I’m grateful lớn God forever giving me an opportunity khổng lồ meet a very cute và kind person like you in my life, I appreciate your impact in my life & will forever love you regardless of what might transpire between us. You mean so much to lớn me!

Once I was without shoulders lớn rest upon, you gave me yours to lean upon, when there was no face to lớn smile at me, you gave me yours totally free. You’ve been so great in my life since the day I phối my eyes on you because you mean so much lớn me!

I owe you a lot I can’t even estimate no matter how I try. I feel so sad lớn not find you beside me now và at any time. You brought into my life things I never think will ever happen lớn me, just want lớn say you mean so much khổng lồ me!.


you are so special khổng lồ me

You Are Special to Me Quotes For Her

When two people really care about one other, they will always find for a method lớn make it work, no matter how hard it is.

I would vị anything to lớn have you in my arms right now.

You have no idea how fast my pulse races when I see you.

In an unending garden of flowers I shall always chose you.

You’re in my bones và my blood and my heart. I’d have to lớn tear myself xuất hiện to let you go.

I wish you could see the silly smile when we’re texting.

I love you more than I have ever found a way lớn say to you.

I do know some things. I know I love you. I know you adore me.

So, I adore you because the entire cosmos collaborated lớn help me find you.

Whatever happens tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, I’m happy now because I love you.

Final Words

Loving someone is one of the most joyful jobs to lớn do, having them love you back is full of even more pleasure. Being the most significant component of existence. You should always love your better half with all your heart and try khổng lồ make your girl exceptional in various unique & gorgeous ways. These dễ thương you are special to me, you are special to me quotes for him, you are special to me quotes for her will undoubtedly make your girl feel appreciated và would bring you back enormous attention và affection.

Quotes are a great way khổng lồ tell someone how special they are. There are so many things khổng lồ say to lớn someone that they can really get lost on what is really important to lớn them. You can go to lớn the bookstore & buy all the books on the subject or you can search around on the mạng internet to see which famous quotes are right for you. There are tons of great books about that subject that will give you all sorts of wonderful information on how to lớn make someone feel lượt thích they have a special place in your life.

When I was younger I used to think that everyone had a love affair with one day. Now I am sure that this is not the case anymore but it seems like more people than ever are still in love with one day. If you are one of those people who have never been in love then you are going khổng lồ have to lớn learn khổng lồ get over the fear of falling in love again. This is very common for people who have been in a relationship for a long time. They have managed lớn live their lives without falling in love but now they are afraid to vày this because they are afraid that they will thua their freedom.

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One of the best ways to lớn get over this fear is khổng lồ go out there và try to find as many famous funny friends quotes as you can. These quotes are something that you can look back to lớn when you are feeling down and lonely or sad và need some kind of sign that you are doing the right thing. The most important thing lớn know when you are starting to lớn feel bad is that you can always see how you are doing.