If you missed saving a tệp tin in Microsoft Word due to lớn "Word cannot complete the save due lớn a file permission error" vì chưng not đại bại your hope yet. This post has some great tips that can come handy in fixing the issues with the Word file. You should be able to get back the Word tệp tin with the miễn phí solutions provided in the post. Also, find steps to use the Remo Word Repair tool and liên kết for không tính phí download.

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When you are trying to lớn save a tệp tin in Microsoft Word, sometimes, you may encounter an error message saying "Word Cannot complete the save due to lớn a file permission error", especially when the tệp tin is from an external source. The Word cannot complete the save due lớn a tệp tin permission error can occur due to several reasons. In the below section, we will briefly know the reasons behind this error message.

Reasons Behind Word file Permission Error

The anti-virus software installed on your computer prevents the tệp tin saving processThe tệp tin name is conflicting with the already existed tệp tin on your computerThe file that you want khổng lồ modify or save is from the network shared folderThe file ou want to lớn save is previously saved as the "read-only" or as the templateYou don"t have full authority to lớn save the tệp tin to a location for the current user account

If you face tệp tin permission error when saving Word document, then don’t quit the Word application directly. Instead, try the below given solution to save the tệp tin in MS Word.

How lớn Fix Cannot Save Word Document Due to tệp tin Permission Error?

Method 1: Save the tệp tin in Different file Name Format

It"s possible that the file name you"re trying to use is already in use. Or it could be unsupported because some of the characters are invalid. Lớn fix a naming issue like this, simply save the file with a different name.Attempting to save in an improper or unsupported format can also result in a tệp tin permission problem for example saving Word document as Word 97-2003 Document, PDF, or another equivalent format.

Method 2: Disable the AntiVirus(AV) Software

False alarms from third-party antivirus software have been known lớn cause several small application failures. Although Windows Defender interferes less frequently, it still happens. Try temporarily turning them off & seeing whether you can save the document now. Follow the below steps lớn disable antivirus software.

In the tìm kiếm bar type Virus và Threat Protection và hit Enter.Now select the Manage Settings option. By Confirming Yes, click on the slider to lớn turn off Real-time Protection.Click the slider khổng lồ turn off Real-time protection và click yes to lớn confirm.

Note: Disabling antivirus can make your computer vulnerable to malware. Make sure you enable it again once you have confirmed if AV is resulting in tệp tin permission errors.

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Method 3: open the file in Safe Mode

Double-click your tệp tin while holding down the CTRL key and accept the prompt to open it in Safe Mode. This strategy also works with other MS Office apps.To mở cửa Word in a different way, use Windows + R to xuất hiện Run and type the command: winword /safe

Method 4: Fix the Word tệp tin by xuất hiện and Repair

Open và Repair is a useful feature for repairing corrupt files. Khổng lồ use it,Open the Word files và click on the File tab.Now click on the Open & switch.Click on Browse & select your file but don’t open it yet.Press the drop down arrow next to Open and select Open và Repair.

If inbuilt repair technique fails to fix your Word file, then try Remo Repair Word for fixing your corrupted .docx và .doc files.

Method 5: Fix Word Cannot Save Due to a file Permission Error using Remo Repair Word

The effective way to lớn fix Word cannot save due to file permission error is by making use of Remo Repair Word tool. It can easily repair Microsoft Word documents not opening, corrupted, inaccessible as well as error screening Microsoft Word files.The tool is built with an easy khổng lồ use interface that can make the repair process easy even for the novice user. This tool is integrated with a read only mechanism which just reads the affected file, replicates it and works on duplicate copy. So, your source file is intact.

Steps lớn Repair Microsoft Word file Facing Save Permission Error Using Remo Recover

Step 1: Install Remo Repair Word tool on your Windows computer.

Step 2: From the main screen click on Browse key & select the affected Word file.


Step 3: Click on the Repair button to lớn initiate the repair process.

Step 4: Once the repair process is completed, preview the fixed Word file via Preview File option.

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Step 5: Finally, browse the new location & hit the Save button khổng lồ get back your repaired Word tệp tin to the desired location.