While adding a network printer or performing a printing job, error message popups “Windows cannot locate a suitable print driver” on Windows 10/8.1 or 7? A number of users report this issue on Microsoft & printer support forum:Trying to địa chỉ cửa hàng a printer but a window pops up that says “Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver liên hệ your administrator (But my user trương mục is the administrator) for help locating & installing a suitable driver. Then when it goes to install driver software its not successful !!
Contents1 Fix Windows can’t find a suitable driver1.1 Completely Re-install the Printer Driver1.2 tóm tắt Printer for Local Network Access1.3 Install Network Shared printer

Fix Windows can’t find a suitable driver

First of all check, the IP address are in the same range of network, On both PCs (Where Printer physically installed và the network PC). If you are using a network printer make sure the Printer IP address is on the same network.

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Also move to lớn the PC where printer physically installed, Control panel -> View Device và printers. Here Right click on printer select properties. Check the nói qua permissions given to the printerSometimes uninstall the printer driver from Root level & then install the Windows Built-In driver helps to lớn resolve the error “Windows cannot locate a suitable print driver” To vì this.

Completely Re-install the Printer Driver

In Windows, tìm kiếm for and xuất hiện Programs & featuresRight click on your Installed Printer driver & select uninstallAgain from Windows, search for and mở cửa Devices and printersIn the Devices và Printers windows look for your installed printer. If you see it listed right-click on it & choose ‘Delete’ or ‘Remove Device’Now Press Windows + R, Type printui.exe /s và click Ok.On Print server properties move khổng lồ “Drivers” tabLook for Installed Printer driver. If you see it Click on it and click Remove at the bottom Select Apply và Ok on the Print hệ thống Properties windowsClose Devices và PrintersRestart the computer, to completely remove the printer driver.Then visit the printer manufacturer website, tải về the latest available driver software for your printer mã sản phẩm and install the same.

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Share Printer for Local Network Access

To tóm tắt the printer xuất hiện Control panel -> Hardware -> Device và printers.Right click the printer you wish to chia sẻ on the local network, select properties.Under the Sharing tab kiểm tra mark Share this printer, Also here you can edit the shared printer name.Click on Additional Drivers and Checkmark the x86 so that the printer you can install on both 64Bit và 32 Bit PCs.Click ok, apply to lớn make save changes. That’s all you have successfully nói qua the printer for Local network access.
Then Use the Windows key + R shortcut again lớn evoke the Run app.Input control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter and click OK.Network and Sharing Center will open. Once in it, navigate to the left pane và click Change advanced sharing settings.Navigate to the Network discovery section. Enable the option Turn on network discovery.Check the box next lớn Turn on the automatic thiết lập of network-connected devices.Move to File and printer sharing. Enable Turn on file and printer sharing.Click on the Save changes button.

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Now lưu ý down the PC name or IP address of the PC where the local printer installed.To kiểm tra the PC name right click on This PC & select properties. And to cảnh báo down the IP address open command prompt (cmd) and type ipconfig that display the IP address of your PC.
 That’s All I am sure there is no more error while installing the network shared printer on Windows 10, 8.1 & 7. Still need help feel không lấy phí to discuss on the comments below,Also readFix print spooler service not running after windows 10 updateSolved: Print Spooler keeps stopping Not Running on Windows 10How khổng lồ Fix Printer Problems in Windows 10, 2004 UpdateStep By Step Install & Configure Printer on Windows 10 version 2004How khổng lồ fix cannot start print spooler 1068 windows 10