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Once you've determined the version of DirectX running on your PC you can use the below chart to determine what Shader mã sản phẩm version is supported.

DirectX & Shader model Versions

The Diagnostic Tool doesn't chia sẻ the Shader mã sản phẩm version. Your version of DirectX determines your Shader model version, as follows:

DirectX 8.0 - Shader model 1.0 và 1.1DirectX 8.0a - Shader model 1.3DirectX 8.1 - Shader mã sản phẩm 1.4DirectX 9.0 - Shader model 2.0DirectX 9.0a - Shader mã sản phẩm 2.0aDirectX 9.0b - Shader mã sản phẩm 2.0bDirectX 9.0c - Shader model 3.0DirectX 10.0* - Shader model 4.0DirectX 10.1* - Shader mã sản phẩm 4.1DirectX 11.0† - Shader model 5.0DirectX 11.1† - Shader mã sản phẩm 5.0DirectX 11.2‡ - Shader mã sản phẩm 5.0DirectX 12** - Shader mã sản phẩm 5.1

Support for Shader Models began with DirectX 8.0. Windows XP does not support DirectX 10.0 & higher, & Windows Vista and Windows 7 (before Service Pack 1) vị not tư vấn DirectX 11.0 or higher. HOwever, Vista supports DirextX 11.0 after a platform update. Windows 7 SP1 supports v11.1 but not 11.2 or newer. You can learn more in our guide khổng lồ downloading và installing DirectX.

What Games support DirectX 12?

Most PC games developed prior lớn the release of DirectX 12 were most likely developed using an earlier version of DirectX. These games are compatible on PCs with DirectX 12 installed because of their backward compatibility.

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If by chance your game is not compatible under a new version of DirectX—mainly games running on DirectX 9 or earlier—Microsoft provides DirectX End-User Runtime that fixes many runtime errors with DLLs installed from the older versions of DirectX.

How to Install the Latest Version of DirectX?

Installation of the latest version of DirectX is only necessary when you're trying to play a trò chơi that has been developed with that latest version. Microsoft offers updates through the standard Windows Update & through manual download and installation. Since the release of DirectX 11.2 for Windows 8.1, however, DirectX 11.2 is no longer available as a standalone tải về and must be downloaded through Windows Update.

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In addition to Windows Update, most games will check your system on installation to lớn see if you meet the DirectX requirements, if you don't you will be prompted to tải về and install it prior khổng lồ installing the game.

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