Sankarea Season 2


Do you also think the same as I, that the story of the Sankarea season is quite interesting và you get attached khổng lồ the anime from the first episode?

Based on the Manga series, Sankarea anime is a television series which consists of 12 episodes in it and aired between April 5 & June 28, 2012 in Japan.

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Funimation released the anime series dubbed in English when it got licensed in North American & also in the United Kingdom the series has been licensed by MVM Films. 9 years have passed & until this time no renewal or cancellation information is released for this Undying Love- Sankarea season 2.

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The story for this anime season is somewhat comedy along with Ecchi so that you can enjoy this anime tv series without getting bored. The story is so interesting và full of bizarre surprises, which you can’t think will happen next, so you should definitely watch Sankarea: Undying Love to lớn know what exactly could happen.

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Series NameSankarea Season 2
GenreRomantic Comedy
Script WriterKenji Sugihara
Release Date Not Confirm Yet
Streaming PlatformTBS

Plot of Sankarea


There are a lot of weird obsessions in the world but Chihiro Furuya is a boy whose wish or dream is lớn date an undead or Zombie girl. Furuya spends most of his time just fantasizing about his Zombie dream girl when he was a kid.

He also loved his cat Baabu but the day when his cat died, he decided lớn bring his mèo back to life using a resurrection but he failed in it.

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While he is on his mission to make perfect potion he met a girl named Rea who lives sad because she lost her mother so she decided to her life as she is irritated of her life. She also tells Chihiro lớn continue his attempts to resurrect his cat.

After some time that day finally comes when he is successful in his mission to lớn make potions by using poisonous flowers which are found in Rhea’s garden.

She drinks that potion in hope that she will kill herself và get rid of this miserable life but she comes back khổng lồ life which is magical when she is killed in a oto accident.

Instead of killing, she comes back from the accident in which she was killed due to lớn the effect of that drink. Now at this time she accepts her life which was given by the help of Chihiro’s drink.

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Sankarea Characters


Chihiro Furuya

Main character of the anime is Chihiro Furuya, who has an obsession with Zombie girls & always wants lớn date a girl who is Zombie và his wish comes true when he meets Rea. He performs “Resurrection potion” on his mèo when he finds Baabu is dead.

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He used information from an old manuscript to bring back the life of the cat. If we talk about Chihiro’s appearance he looks lượt thích a mèo as his đen hair wraps around his face and also his skin is of light olive shade.

He also lost one of his eyes while making so many attempts in making that potion drink.

Chihiro always avoids any kind of work which is given lớn him but after Rea comes into his life, he becomes serious about his life, and now he does everything which surprises his family too.

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She is the female main character of the anime & always sad from the inside as she lost her biological mother when she was born. Rea is a very attractive & beautiful girl in the eyes of Shiyou High School boys.

One day she decided to over her life by drinking Chihiro’s poisonous drink as she wants to lớn get out from her boring và sad life. But drink reacts in an opposite way và it brings her back from the dead when she later meets with an accident in which she dies.

Due lớn Chihiro’s drink she is again alive but this time she turns into a zombie as her skin becomes pale & her eyes turn red. She finally believes that she would rather die instead of such a zombie life.

Release Date of Sankarea season 2


The first season of Sankarea premiered on April 6, 2012 & till this date 9 years have passed và no news about the Sankarea season 2 is released. So, there is no released date for the Sankarea season 2 but you don’t want to worry as it is not cancelled by the creators.

You can also read manga series which have more details than anime if you are a good reader và lover of anime tv series. According lớn Cinemaholic the first season of the sitcom was finished yet but will not be renewed for a second season.

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Ratings and đánh giá Sankarea season

Overall 8 rating is given lớn Sankarea Season và you can also check many review on this season on the given below link.

Where khổng lồ Watch Sankarea Season

FunimationCrunchyrollHBO MaxShowtimeStarzCBS All AccessHuluAmazon Prime Video

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