How to install and uninstall a pc game on a windows device


There is a problem with your game’s setup. Please reinstall your game.

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If you’re getting this message when you’re trying to lớn launch various games on Origin, there are a few troubleshooting methods that you can use to work your way around this error.This error message frequently affects Anthem, Madden NLF, and FIFA.

Error Fix: There is a Problem With Your Game’s Setup

Fix 1 – Get the latest Visual C++ version

Installing the latest Visual C++ helped many users khổng lồ iron out this error without reinstalling the game. Just make sure to install both the x64 and x86 versions.Install the latest Visual C++ from Microsoft. Restart your computer and launch the trò chơi again.

Fix 2 – Install the Windows media feature for Windows N versions

This solution applies only to lớn Windows 10 N versions. So, if you’re running Windows N, make sure lớn install the Windows truyền thông media feature on your computer.Download Windows Media, restart your computer & launch the game again to lớn see if the issue persists.

Fix 3 – Repair your game

Repairing the trò chơi could help you fix this issue, especially if the error was caused by corrupted or missing game files.To repair your game, open your Origin library & right-click on the problematic game. Select Repair và wait until Origin has finished repairing your game.Restart your computer và launch the trò chơi as admin.

Fix 4 – Update your drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can cause a wide array of glitches and errors. Rule drivers out as a potential cause for this problem by installing the latest graphics driver version.To vị this, mở cửa the Device Manager, select Display adapters và expand the list. Right-click on your graphics thẻ driver and select Update driver.
Restart your computer & launch the trò chơi again.Alternatively, you can reinstall your graphics driver by selecting Uninstall device. Vì that only after you tried updating the driver first.

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Fix 5 – Get the latest DirectX version và tweak Nvidia 3d settings

This fix is a bit more complex & consists of three steps:Step 1 – Navigate khổng lồ C:/Windows/System32 and delete d3dcompiler43.dll. The, tải về the DirectX web installer. The tool will replace any missing files on your machine.Step 2 – Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel → Manage 3d settingsProgram settings. Click Add → browse và go lớn your game’s directory, select the game & launch it.Step 3 – Install Razer Cortex & run the game with this software.

Fix 6 – Clear Origin cache

Clearing your Origin cache can fix different game issues. As you spend more time playing online games, there are various temporary files that get stored on your computer.As time goes by, the cache gets larger và larger, & may even break certain game features or trigger various errors.For more information, see Clear cache khổng lồ fix problems with your games.Don’t forget to lớn reboot your computer after clearing the cache.

Fix 7 – Reinstall Origin

If none of the solutions from this guide helped, you can uninstall Origin, restart your computer and then reinstall a fresh copy of Origin.

We hope something helps.

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