A holiday special lớn celebrate the season"s flavours, the Gollymint takes our moist & delicious Signature Dark Chocolate Cake that you love to a whole other level. 

Enjoy - or gift! - this gorgeous gift box of 3 Signature Dark Chocolate Cupcakes topped with a peppermint cashew frosting.

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The Celebrations Collection: now available in two sizes

The same gorgeous, gluten-free special occasion cakes - naked or frosted - now in a smaller 6" version too!

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At long last

A vegan gluten-free pizza base that feels perfect & tastes even better.

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Pick up a box now

A Singapore special, maybe a world first - just to add a little local flavour khổng lồ our range. 

The Gollykek - a delightful gluten-free, dairy-free pandan cake that"s just as soft & fluffy as "the real thing".

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"When I tried the cakes, I was amazed by how delicious they were. I was impressed by the unique of the ingredients used and the gluten-free cakes did not cause me any problems!!!"

"The cakes by Oh My Goodness! are insanely delicious. Even if you don't have lớn eat gluten-free, you must try them! và you won't be disappointed."

"I was desperate lớn find anything close lớn the cakes I was able to lớn eat before I was diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance. In the end, I found something that was so much better."

At Oh My Goodness!, we believe everyone should be able to access a better life - better opportunities, better health & a better future - regardless of your story.

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