Nice to know you

Sometimes I talk with people I didn"t know before on Skype (writing and voice ) và when we want to lớn say bye I am confused about what khổng lồ say:

"nice lớn meet you" or "nice khổng lồ know you"

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"Nice khổng lồ meet you" is a fine thing to say in this situation. It would be more common to lớn say "It was nice lớn meet you". However, I wouldn"t feel lượt thích that was a by itself, but more of a polite thing khổng lồ say when saying

"Goodbye, it was nice to lớn meet you."

"Nice khổng lồ know you" means something quite different. You say "to meet you" after you are done meeting them. You say "to know you" after you are done knowing them. In other words, this is what you say when you are saying forever:

"Too bad you"re moving lớn Texas. It was nice lớn know you."

Both of these phrase are often said with "-ing" rather than "to":

"It was nice meeting you." "It was nice knowing you."

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answered Jul 9, 2015 at 20:58

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When you meet someone say

"Nice khổng lồ meet you"

. When you stop talking with them on Skype, either say

"It was nice meeting you."

or, better in my opinion,

"It was nice talking with you."

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answered Jul 9, 2015 at 21:46

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Avoid saying "nice lớn know you;" that phrase is usually associated with that person either leaving your life forever or dying. For example, "It was nice knowing you; I"m sure we"re all going khổng lồ miss you." "knowing" is more frequently said instead of "to know" but they"re both grammatically correct.

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answered Jul 9, 2015 at 20:42

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