Can I Say ‘Much More Better’ ‘Much More Bigger’ In English? Should I Just Say ‘Much Better’ ‘Much Bigger’? I’ll Be Grateful For Your Explanation!!


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The comparative degree (“more of something”) of monosyllabic adjectives is usually formed by adding -er at the over of the adjective, possibly with the final consonant doubled, e.g. Taller or bigger, & some are irregular, such as “better” (not “gooder”). Longer adjectives are usually compared using “more” (e.g. “more expensive”, “more important”). This causes some learners lớn combine the two constructions và say “more better”, “more taller”, “more richer”, etc.

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Such usage is wrong. When something is “better”, it is always just “better” & never “more better”:

It would make sense, syntactically, to lớn say that if “A and B are better than C”, and “A is better than B”, then “A is more better than C than B”. Nevertheless, native speakers bởi vì not use this construction, & you should use “even better” instead:
However, this does not mean that “better” cannot follow “more” in a sentence; some English speakers và teachers mindlessly mark “more better” as a mistake without thinking about the actual meaning of the sentence. For example, it is possible lớn say:

The structure of this sentence is “we need more X” where X can be anything, such as roses or better people, so the above sentence is completely grammatical; it just does not mean the same as “we need better people”.

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