I have a program that I"m attempting lớn write various files to. In an attempt to clean it up I would like to put these files into a directory. My program is running in a directory different from the sln for VS 2012 i.e. The exe is the only part of the VS files in the directory. If I simply print the files, it"s fine but if I attempt to lớn print those same files to lớn a different directory, then it doesn"t do anything. I printed out the directory that I"m attempting to access and I"m getting "000000" as a response. Code looks like:

std::ofstream outputoutput.open("myFilesentityOutput.csv", std::ios::app);output I"m sure it"s something simple but I haven"t been able khổng lồ figure out what. Tried "\myFiles....." already "/myFiles" etc. I"m on a Windows 7 system as well.



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That"s because, while opening a file, you need to swap with either \ or /. The reason is that character is considered as a special one that"s used for example khổng lồ represent kết thúc of line character ( ).

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Just swap output.open("myFilesentityOutput.csv", std::ios::app);to output.open("/myFiles/entityOutput.csv", std::ios::app);, however make sure that the path is also correct!

Usually it"s a good programming practice to check whether or not a file opening succeeded at first.

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