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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas / Threads / Other/MiscHow khổng lồ fix this problem ?I got this problem since I reinstalled this trò chơi 2 years ago và "gta_sa.exe Has stopped working." always comes out when I travel to lớn the city. But, It works perfectly in the jungle, small town and desert. I tried to include gta_sa.exe in the DEP setting, lower the compatibility, delete all of my mods, delete gta_sa.set, lower the graphics, move the thư mục location & much more...Please help I really really really love this trò chơi ! :)

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Joined 13y ago> **Posted by Barney 1337**> -snip-Don"t listen to lớn him, he"s just being a jerk.Anyway, did you purchase the game on Steam? If so, it should be rather easy lớn fix. .PostStamps"> Dumb x 1

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k, so i"m a jerk for offering legit advice? if a pc game wasn"t working for me, i"d seek the console version since i know for a FACT that it would workI used to lớn make thingsSorry, you don"t need one, just there is a problem with the save games being for the wrong version of the game and it can cause the same crash.You live "til you die.

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Better :1.Uninstall GTA SA2.Delete entire GTA SA files and folder in installed path.3.Delete saved game folder (GTA San Andreas User Files) in user/Documents.4.Reinstall with Administrative và compatibility setting.At the end of it allWell i might be too late... Provide more information lượt thích your PC"s OS? your Ram? GPU? CPU?some possible fixes:Is it laggy? 1. Go khổng lồ options & disable "frame limiter" and see if the error still persists, and if you already have it off, try turning it on and see if the error persists2. Vày you have a virus? anti-virus blocking gta-sa.exe? find a way to lớn allow it in firewall.3. You play the game 100% clean? you downloaded cleo? cleo makes the trò chơi unstable! when you enter the barber shop for example... You crash! i heared cleo"s gxthook tệp tin is making a lot of problems aswelli dont know if you still use cameraminhtan.vn or still play gtasa but thats just a heads up, if you reply ill tư vấn you with further information :>)Hello & Welcome!Dunno if I"m late here, but tell us if you have downloaded a full version of GTA SA, RIP versions may give you a problem, if you have a virus, or maybe your RAM is low và doesn"t let you go there because it can"t load files, or map, there"s a lot of answers here.

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What"s wrong with my DYOM ?. Why I can"t type a mission name, intro text, objective description, etc ?I tried to lớn type somethi...someone know how lớn put the lowest graphics possible on gta sa? my pc is totally shit, và i am runn...I recently started skin modding with San Andreas, so I"m a bit of a noob. I"m trying to convert MMD ...