Let go (of someone/something) ​definitions and synonyms

1. Khổng lồ release one"s grip on someone or something. Please let go of me—you"re hurting my arm! The child let go of the string, and the balloon floated up và away into the sky.

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2. To lớn fire or dismiss an employee. I"m worried that they"ll let go of me once this special project is over. I heard they"re letting go of a lot of high-level employees after the scandal.
3. Lớn release someone or something from custody. We did bring him in for questioning, but we had nothing lớn charge him with, so we had to lớn let go of him. What time did you let go of the prisoner?
4. Lớn stop focusing or fixating on something in one"s mind. I think I just need a weekend where I can chill out & let go of my worries for a while. It"s been two years, Ken. I think it"s time for you lớn let go of your marriage with Sandy và move on. I"ve been going to lớn therapy to help me let go of the issues I have with my parents.
5. To lớn release a captured animal. Due khổng lồ overfishing in the rivers, we have to lớn let go of anything we catch. I can"t bring myself to kill mice, so I catch them in a humane mouse trap and let go of them outside.
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It is an opportunity for you to lớn take responsibility & modify what can be done, but you need lớn let go of everything else.
1 Take a moment lớn reflect on all of the things in your life you have already let go of. Feel free to start with no longer sleeping in a crib.

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The victim"s niece pushed him with both hands, he would not let go of the bags, và she bit him on the arm.
It only seemed like yesterday that you left our home and went on your way Be strong my son và face your fears and you"ll be ready for the joys the laughs và the tears & alas the time has come and I can"t let go of your hand my beautiful son Geraldine Costello, via email
Letting go: parting with cherished dreams, beliefs, và attitudes is sometimes necessary--but often painful--that"s true not only for your clients, but you
Let go of your possessions, challenged Jesus; give them lớn the poor và Come follow me, unencumbered & free.
Over the course of many Easter seasons I have had lớn let go of lesser, even lifeless things - the steady paycheck attached to an emotionally toxic workplace; the dream of a relationship and the hope for married life; corrosive worry about how to lớn provide for my needs, how to make my way in a world that felt like a heartless machine.
Still, there is something bracing about a 74-year-old scholar who cannot let go of the God he thinks has let go of him.
Who vị you say that I am? If you"re looking for a good read on Jesus--other than the gospels of course--a trip to the bookstore might be in order
My brave girls fought off man who tried lớn abduct them; ESCAPE: Attacker"s attempt lớn drag youngsters into his van
The mother told how she was holding both her children in her arms, but because of the severity of the flood she faced the agonising decision of having to lớn let go of one of the two youngsters.

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