19 Of The First Things To Ever Happen On The Internet

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I first used the mạng internet back in 1996 when I started college. I knew something about computers, but back in my country we couldn"t afford a computer, much less an mạng internet account. When I started college, I took an "intro to lớn computers" class và our professor taught us the basic concepts of the Internet. It was amazing và incredibly addictive. I remember using Yahoo! to search for answers lớn all the questions I could think of....I spent a large percentage of my internet time searching for lyrics of songs I knew just khổng lồ see what the singer was saying... I also searched for tons of cheat codes for video games...I couldn"t tìm kiếm for pictures of females since I was using a computer lab in my college and it was always full.

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I couldn"t tìm kiếm for pictures of females since I was using a computer lab in my college and it was always full.
1994... My parents bought my a computer, phone line, và an AOL account as I was entering freshman year of high school.

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I was about 8 or 9. We had prodigy and I didn"t know much beyond the walled garden of prodigy at the beginning.


1992, could dial up a local freenet with email, IRC, Gopher, etc. They added Lynx later.Had AOL around that time too, & Prodigy & Compuserve earlier than that, but none of those added real mạng internet access until 1994 or so.
Around 1992 through some local BBS dial-ups and then in 1993-1994 or so from the first ISP in the area that offered dial-up to lớn a System V box. From there, you had access khổng lồ Lynx, mail, ftp, etc.

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I don"t remember the year but since I graduated HS in 1992, I know it was before then. I first started poking around online with my C=128 w/ 2400 baud modem và was the envy of my friends...we played a trò chơi called Modem Wars.
The very first time I touched the Interwebz I was 12 or 13 I think. It was in 1992 và I connected via a bulletin board to "gopher.emich.edu". Actually I was logged into a VAX system called Grex.cyberspace.org if they are still around. There was another dialup vax called m-net.arbornet.net? I was on a 1200 baud modem & I was using an XT that I cobbled together from various parts at the cpu show. I had used earlier iterations - FIDOnet which is still around - lớn communicate before this. If I remember right that was the same summer, or maybe one earlier where my friend stole an original Sound Blaster 8-bit from Radio Shack & we hooked it up to play wolfenstein3d on my aunts 286-12.I"d been using BBS"s - và even Quantum-Link (aka q-link - it was AOL"s immediate predecessor) via my commodore 64 (and later my c-128d) và whatnot since 1986 (I was 7). Only had 1200 baud on my commies. You lucky dog you with 2400 baud on a commodore!