The Best 11 Well

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Do you still remember the ________ we took part in last summer?

You should _____ eating late at night.

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I see that your ____________ is well prepared.

The prince can sacrifice his ____ for the on he loves.

You borrowed my money và haven't ________ yet.

In order to get the first prize in the contest, he _____ the whole week practicing.

These ____________ are beyond my ability.

You shouldn't _____________ her ability.

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I think we should kiểm tra all the window và door _______ because there must be a strong blowing wind.


Exercise 1. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with GETGet away fromGet downGet on / along withGet offGet intoGet away withGet down toGet overGet off withGet backGet onGet out ofGet through1.He promised khổng lồ act as chairman, so I’m afraid he can’t get ____ it now. There’s no one else to vị it.2.She is a friendly girl who gets ________ everyone she meets.3.It took her a long time lớn get ______ the death of her husband.4.I tried lớn ring him up but I couldn’t get _____ : I think some of the lines are down after last night’s storm.5.She talks so much that it is difficult lớn get _______ from her.6.Get ______ the bus at Victoria Station.7.How are you getting _________ your work ?8.I’m not getting _______ very fast because I can only type with two fingers.9.We got ______ late because we missed the last train.10.Don’t worry about my snake. He can’t get _______ his box.11.This rainy weather is really getting me ________.12.It’s time you got _______ some serious work. It’s very important to you.13.Thieves raided the ngân hàng and got ________ a lot of money.14.My boy is getting _________ bad habits, such as smokin, staying up late....15.We got _______ immediately after the breakfast.Exercise 2. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with GIVEGive awayGive offGive over toGive upGive backGive outGive inGive oneself up1.He won 100$ và gave it all ________.2.Riding is getting too expensive: I’ll have khổng lồ give it ________.3.He gave _______all the books he had borrowed.4.After 4 days of freedom, the escaped prisoner gave himself _______ khổng lồ local police.5.Your secret is safe with me. I won’t give it ________.6.The diver’s supply of oxygen gave __ & he had khổng lồ be brought to the surface as quickly as possible7.After his fourth attemp he gave _______ trying to pass the driving test.8.If you want to lớn save money, give _______ eating in expensive restaurants.9.There was a man giving _______ leaflets outside the church.10.She gave ______ state secret to lớn the enemy.11.Could you give me _______ my pen when you’ve finished using it?12.Please give your exam papers ______ to the teacher when you’ve finished!13.The cooker is giving _______ a funny smell.14.This big hall is given ________ meeting.15.She’s a gusty player : she never gives __________Exercise 3. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with GOGo awayGo down withGo onGo outGo through withGo back onGo in forGo offGo roundGo upGo downGo intoGo overGo throughGo with1.The guard dog went ______ the intruder and knocked him down.2.He had a sandwich và a cup of coffee, then went _______ working.3.I went ______ the proposal very carefully with my lawyer và finally decided lớn to accept his offer.4.She went ______ a beauty contest & got a prize.5.The price of tomatoes usually goes ________ in summer in England.6.If there isn’t enough soup lớn go ________, just put some hot water in it.7.You can’t go _______ your promise now: we are depending on you.8.They have gone _______ all the calculations again but they still can’t find the mistake.9.The gun went ______ by accident and wounded him in the leg.10.Mary went ______ in such a hurry that she left her passport behind.11.Why don’t you go _______ stamp collecting if you want a quiet hobby ?12.Her weight went ______ khổng lồ 70 kilos when she stopped playing tennis.13.When did Britain go ________ EEC ?14.Our youngest boy has gone __________ mumps!15.Her blouse doesn’t go _______ her skirt.16.Finally, I’ve gone ________ all my exams!17.Which events is he going __________ at the Olympics?18.The first episode of the film goes ________ next Friday evening at 8 o’clock.19.There must be a buổi tiệc ngọt going _______ next door. They’re making so much noise!20.The thieves ran away when the burglar alarm went __________.Exercise 4. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with HAND, GROW, HANG, JUMPGrow onGrow upHand downHang aboutHang on toJump atGrow out ofHand overHand outHang backJump on1.Most of my clothes were handed _____ to lớn me by my older brother.2.President Bush should hand ______ power to lớn Iraqui elected government.3.Relief workers were handing _______ emergency rations lớn the survivors.4.My daughter is growing _______ very fast. She has grown _______ all her clothes.5.This book is very interesting. I’m sure it will grow ________ you.6.You should keep an eye on this stranger. He has been hanging _____ our neighbourhood for hours.7.At first, he volunteered lớn help me, but on second thought he was afraid và hung ______.8.I should hang ______ those oldphotographs–they may be valuable.9.My maths teacher really used khổng lồ jump _____ us when we got our answer wrong.10.If they offered me a job in the USA, I’d jump _______ the chance.Exercise 5. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with HOLD, KEEPHold onHold outHold upKeep downKeep awayKeep offHold offHold backHold withKeep up withKeep backKeep up1.“ What a terrible news!”, she just managed to hold _________ her anger.2.I don’t hold _______ his view on education.3.After the hold–_______, the gang made their getaway in a stolen car.4.The survivors of the plane crash managed to lớn hold _______ till help came.5.Her illness is getting worse. Doctors hold ______ little hope of her recovery.6.Could you hold ______ making decision until next week. I’m trying to lớn find out the best solution.7.She kept ______ working although she was very tired.8.They lit a fire to keep wild animals __________.9.The people in this country have been kept _______ for years by a brutal regime.10.Keep your voices ________ : your mother is trying lớn get some sleep.11.You’re all doing a spendid job. Keep _______ the good work.12.Police warned by–standers lớn keep ________ from the blazing building.13.I can’t keep ________ all the changes in computer technology.14.She is a good secretary, but she is kept _______ by her ignorance of languages.15.The country was in a state of rebellion and was only kept _______ by repressive measures.Exercise 6. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with LAY, LEAVE, LET, LIVELay downLay upLeave outLet off (with)Live onLay outLeave offLet downLet outLive up to1.There is a lot of beautiful jewellery laid _______ in the siêu thị window.2.You should lay _______ some money in the rainy days.3.You didn’t have any right lớn lay _______ such hard rules.4.My name has been misspelt–you’ve left _______ a letter.5.I wish you’d leave ________ complaining about my cooking.6.The boy’s getting so fat that his trousers have to be let _____ round the waist.7.She was let _______ with a fine instead of being sent lớn prison.8.He felt he really let the team ________ when he missed the penalty.9.Don’t let these criminals ________ lightly.10.As he’s retired, he now lives mainly _________ his pension.11.My exam results didn’t live _________ my expectations,12.You can’t live ________ 22 calories a day.

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Exercise 7. Put the correct prepositions in the blanks for combination with LOOK1.We are looking ____ you for your help.2. We must look __ a bit before deciding where to lớn buy a house3. Police will be looking _ trouble–makers at today’s match.4. Please look __ on me when you have không tính tiền time5.His disappearance is being looked _________ by the police.6. Bởi vì look me __ the next time you’re in London.6. Children always look _____ their parents.8. She is looked __ as the leading authority on this subject9.Who will look ______ the children while their mother is in hospital ?10.We are so much looking __________ seeing you next week.11.Look _______ the time of the next trainin the timetable.12.He was looked _________ because of his humble background.13.She looked _______ when she heard the noise behind her.14.Tenants must look __________ the house before they decided lớn rent it.GIẢI nhanh MÌNH TICK cho NHA