How to ask friends to pay back money they owe you


Asking friends to lớn pay back the money they owe you can be pretty stressful. With the tips in this guide, you can make the process much easier & a lot less awkward.

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There"s nothing worse than having to lớn ask a mate khổng lồ borrow money from them when you"re skint… except maybe asking someone for money back that you"d lent them.

Asking for money from friends can feel pretty awkward. But as much as it makes you squirm, it"s definitely not as bad as being out of pocket when you"re already struggling khổng lồ make ends meet.

With that in mind, we"ve put together some tips on how to lớn approach asking your friends to lớn repay their debts.

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Should you lend money lớn friends?

It might seem a bit late khổng lồ be discussing this now if you"ve already lent your friend some cash. But, just think of these as tips for future reference (or skip further below for tips on how lớn get your money back).

Before lending friends money, it"s important to lớn consider the following factors:

Think about why you"re lending the cash

If you"re planning to lend your mate money solely for the purpose of showing them that you care, that you value their friendship & want lớn make sure they"re okay, our advice would be not to vày it.

Although this is incredibly decent of you, you can"t make this your primary reason for lending them cash. That is, unless you can honestly say that you won"t mind if you never see your money again.

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Think ahead lớn a situation where your friend is unable to lớn pay you back & you have to continuously ask them for it. This could put a whole load of pressure on your friendship and have a negative impact. Remember the risks involved there.

Asking for your money back

Here are the best ways to ask for money back:

Ask for money back in writing

Depending on how you prefer lớn approach situations lượt thích this, having discussions about lending và borrowing cash can sometimes be easier if you vì chưng it via text or email.

This means you can squirm about the awkwardness behind the safety of your computer or phone screen. But you"ll also have everything in writing, regarding how much cash is crossing your palms & when it"s agreed lớn be repaid.

You could even try sending a money request through PayPal or if you have Gmail, clicking the currency symbol at the bottom of the message (which link you up with Google Wallet).

Be flexible about receiving money back


Depending on the circumstances of your situation, like how much money it was that your friend originally borrowed from you, it might make the situation a bit less stressful if you suggest they repay you in a few instalments.

This way, you can start seeing at least some of your cash again. Và it will show your friend that you really are sympathetic towards their situation. Win-win.

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