Cockblock là gì

What does cock-block mean?

Cock-blocking is the action of preventing someone (usually a man) from having sex by intentionally or unintentionally stopping (blocking) someone else"s cock from reaching its intended destination. This behavior could be driven by jealousy, competition, genuine concern for one of the people involved, or simple obliviousness.Bạn đã xem: Cockblock là gì

The person who does the blocking may be called a cock-block or a cock-blocker.

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Guys have been complaining about getting cock-blocked since at least the 1970s. In 1972, linguist Edith Folb recorded young black men in Los Angeles using the term, describing it as “to mess up a dude’s action.” Folb noted that the cock-blocker didn’t even have lớn be interested in the woman that the blockee was pursuing.

For a guy khổng lồ cock-block another guy is generally considered bad form. The action is condemned in a 2010s book of “Man Rules” called The ComMANdments. A writer in 1994 described a hand signal for committing the foul, like the incomplete pass signal from football but in front of his crotch. pics.esmemes.comWomen also like to have sex, in case you didn’t know, & find interference just as annoying. Some women may still call the action a cock-block, in this case being prevented from receiving the cock. Many other names have been suggested for the female equivalent, which is also useful for pairings that don’t involve a cock. Some examples include: clam jam, twat swat, box out, or beaver dam.

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In 2015, a comedy sketch on Inside Amy Schumer featured a humanoid rooster (get it?), a personified cock block who walks around a bar ruining guys’ chances with women. The cock’s over-the-top personality seems lớn paint the whole idea of cock-blocking as absurd.

Riffing on the same cock/rooster idea, in the 2017 board game Cock Block players are roosters trying to lớn score “chicks” (actually hens) while blocking each other.

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The 2018 comedy movie Blockers features three girls trying to chiến bại their virginity on prom night while their parents try khổng lồ block them. In case the title wasn’t obvious enough, the posters featured the silhouette of a rooster.