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CheatsThese are the known working cheats for Rome: Total War. To lớn enter them, press the button directly below Esc on your keyboard (usually ` or ~) during chơi game to access the console. A translucent đen box called RomeShell should appear across the top half of your screen.

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bestbuyTraining units costs 10% less in campaign mode.
oliphauntGives player unit of giant “Yubtseb” elephants in selected army or settlement.
toggle_fowToggles Fog of War on & off.
add_money Gives player up lớn 40,000 denarii. (Example: add_money 40000)
add_population Increases population of named settlement by up lớn 4,000. (Example: add_population Carthage 4000). If you enter a negative number (Example: -4000) it will reduce the population of the settlement instead.
auto_win Automatically wins the battle for the attacker or defender. Enter before auto-deciding a battle. Example: auto_win attacker)
give_trait Allows you khổng lồ give any trait your faction can have to a specific general. Generals with two words in their name must have theirfull name contained in parenthesis, và have spaces (not underscores) between words. Example: give_trait “Quintus Brutus” Drink 1
process_cq Instantly completes all buildings in queue in specified city. (Example: process_cq Carthage)
create_unit Create any unit that your Faction can use (max amount of 5 Units, 9 Experience, 3 Armor/Weapon). The unit type must be the name in the Type fieldof Export_Descr_Unit.txt
jerichoDestroys walls as artillery does. Often must be done several times lớn make a breach.

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move_character Moves character lớn location, where Z is character name & X Y are coordinates.
force_diplomacy When negotiating with an AI faction, entering this code will force them to either accept or decline your proposal. Example: force_diplomacy accept
invulnerable_general General specified is invulnerable. (Example: invulnerable_general Tigranes)
season Changes season lớn that specified. (Example season summer)
show_cursorstatWhen on the campaign Map, enter this code, then press the Enter key. It will give you the x,y coordinates of the spot your mouse is hovering over. Useful for modding và in conjunction with the move_character code.
surrender_regionsThe specified faction is removed from the campaign, most of its units disband & everything else turns rebel. The internal names of the factions are: romans_julii, romans_brutii, romans_scipii, romans_senate, gauls, britons, germans, spain, dacia, scythia, thrace, greek_cities, macedon, seleucid, egypt, numidia, carthage, parthia, pontus, và armenia. You cannot remove the Rebels from the trò chơi in this way; và yes, you can remove your own faction resulting in an automatic defeat.

Any settlements with multiple names must have each separated by an underscore. For example, Carthago Nova would be “Carthago_Nova”. Please cảnh báo that not all the cheats consistently work; for instance, force_diplomacy works occasionally, but at other times does not. There is no known solution but lớn keep trying at intervals. We are not responsible if cheats ruin your game.

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