Co2 + Ba(Oh)2 → Baco3 + H2O


Figure 1. The XRD patterns of: (A) the sample was synthesized with BaCO3 & (B) the sample was synthesized with Ba(OH)2∙8H2O. * = the impurities.

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(marked by A) & Ba(OH)2∙8H2O (marked by B) respectively. At intervals of 20˚ - 60˚, it appears that both spectra show the same pattern of diffraction spectra. Figure 1 has been shown the major peaks of the Nd1Ba2Cu3O7−δ phase, i.e. The peaks of the diffraction plane (013) và (103) are occurred at an angle of 2θ between 32˚ - 32.8˚, the diffraction of planes (020) and (200) are occurred at an angle of 2θ between 46˚ - 47.3˚, and the diffraction of planes (123) and (213) are occurred at an angle of 2θ between 57.5˚ - 58.5˚ <3> <4> <9> . Search-match by using Match 3.6.1 software with entry number 96-154-0949 (formula Nd1Ba2Cu3O6.57) the volume fraction that of both sample are almost the same, i.e. 84% obtained. However, the diffraction peaks of sample B appear sharper & their intensity is higher than the same peaks in sample A. For example, peak of 103 at 2θ = 32.36, sample B have FWHM = 0.10 and intensity = 1926 counts, meanwhile same peak from sample A have FWHM = 0.16 và intensity = 1854 counts.

It has been conducted refinement to XRD data with Rietveld analysis method by using Rietica software with ICSD Collection Code 78453 as a reference, and was obtained data as shown in Table 1 & Table 2. From value of Goodness of Fit (GofF) as formulated in <10> và from Table 1 was obtained the GofF i.e. 1.8891 và 1.7023 respectively for sample A and sample B. The refinement result is said khổng lồ be good if GofF Table 2 shows that the lattice parameter values of a, b and c for sample B are slightly larger than of sample A. It also appears that the equivalent to particle form size of the sample B is greater than of the sample A. It is indicates that the crystallization in the sample B is better than in the sample A.


Figure 3. The Cell Unit model of: (A) Sample A; (B) Sample B.

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CuO4 chains. In the layered structure, the stacking sequence of layers along the c-axis of the cell unit as follows BaO-CuO-BaO-CuO2-Nd-CuO2-BaO-CuO-BaO <17> .

4. Summary

The superconductors of the Nd1Ba2Cu3O7−δ phase can be well synthesized by using Ba(OH)2∙8H2O as a source of bố atom, it is indicated by the GofF value of 1.7023. The difference of the lattice parameters a and b is very small so that the orthorhombicity is very small, therefore the unit cell of the Nd1Ba2Cu3O7-d tends lớn be in tetragonal symmetry. The calculation of oxygen nội dung yields 6.38. Thus it can be concluded that the Nd1Ba2Cu3O7−δ phase formed tends to be tetragonal phase. Therefore, it is suggested that for synthesizing of the Nd1Ba2Cu3O7−δ phase by using Ba(OH)2∙8H2O as a source of cha atom is carried out in the oxygen atmosphere.

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This research was supported by the Fundamental Research scheme of the RISTEKDIKTI. The authors are thankful to lớn RISTEKDIKTI and LPPM of Udayana University.