set your computer lớn turn itself on at a specified day & time, for example when you arrive at work. Use the steps in this document lớn configure your computer"s BIOS Power-On setting và automatically have your computer turn on at a certain day và time.

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From a powered-off state, turn on the computer and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly, about once every second.


Press the Up & Down arrow keys khổng lồ select the day. Then press the Right and Left arrow keys khổng lồ change the settings. Select Enable to turn on the computer automatically on that day.

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The time is in a 24-hour format (for example, 1:30PM is written as 13:30). You can only set one time that will apply lớn every day the BIOS Power-On feature is enabled.

When the BIOS Power-On settings are configured according to your needs, press the F10 key khổng lồ accept the settings.

Press the Down arrow key khổng lồ highlight the Hardware nguồn Management, & then press the Enter key to lớn select.
Use the Down arrow key to highlight S4/S5 Wake on LAN, và then press the Right arrow key to lớn select Enable.

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Press the Down arrow key to highlight Save Changes và Exit, and then press the Enter key to lớn confirm.
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