Zoomking brand chroma key function video mixer 8 channel sdi hd mi audio video streaming live switcher


DigitalVideo Mixer / Switcher HD v1.0 is a powerful, easy-to-use & cost-effective technical solution for any production requirements. Clip Mixer / Switcher HD v1.0 is also suitable for portableand mobile applications. Rich functional capabilities allow khổng lồ useour device for live broadcast, show, presentation, interviewing as well as for studio production. Great attention was paid lớn good visibility and intuitive control of đoạn clip Mixer / Switcher HD v1.0.

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•Built-in MultiViewAbility to lớn see all 14 đoạn phim sources, Program và Preview at the same time on TV set, PC monitor or professional broadcast SDI monitor.

•TransitionsCUT, MIX, WIPE (16 patterns), FTB.

•Chroma Key2 independent Chroma Key channels (with automatic preassigned settings). You vì chưng not have to vì any extra adjustments, wasting your time!

•TitlesTitles are included into the đoạn phim via HDMI inputs of mixer from PC và using Linear Key (Fill và Key) via SDI inputs.

•PiР (Picture-in-Picture)It is possible khổng lồ enable the PIP presets, which are combinations of up khổng lồ 4 windows included in the background. 2 windows can have a full-screen size and 2 other windows can have a quarter screen size. The pictures can be moved, resized, repositioned, cropped và given color borders. It is possible khổng lồ overlay the PiP presets & Titles simultaneously on the clip output signal.

•Built-in đoạn clip Players2 built-in đoạn phim players with high quality VC-3 (DNxHD), which works like 2 independent sources.

•Built-in LOGOs2 independent Logos. 1 logo can be dynamic. Total 8th logos can be uploaded into the video mixer nonvolatile memory from the PC và then assigned to lớn independent buttons "Logo 1" & "Logo 2".

•Built-in ClockClock can be switched on/off using independent button.

•Built-In Still Pictures (Slides)2 Still Pictures can be assigned to 2 independent buttons ("Slide 1" và "Slide 2") và can work lượt thích 2 independent sources. Up lớn 32 slides can be uploaded from SD card.

•Pattern GeneratorsBLACK, màu sắc BARS và audio signal source (1kHz, 0dB) are operated as independent sources và have buttons on the Preview và Program lines of the control panel.

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•PC controlSpecial software allows lớn control đoạn clip mixer & perform any necessary kích hoạt directly from PC.

•Control PanelPerforms the following functions: direct access lớn every external & internal source of the video clip mixer forming a signal for the air (including thực đơn Control, multi-purpose buttons & T-Bar).

•Options"TALLY" output (Wired via D-Sub15F or Wireless), Encoder H.264, 4K Multiview (4 windows), Reserve power Supply, Camera Channel Unit and Wireless or wired via Ethernet Intercom system.


Each đầu vào has its own frame synchronizer, which allows you khổng lồ use cameras or other devices that vì chưng not have Genlock as well as input video clip from computer sources (audio input đầu vào signals also pass through the synchronizers).4 analog audio inputs (XLR connectors): either 2 stereo or 4 mono.2built-in video players with high chất lượng VC3 on the SD card.Create đoạn phim playlists & play clip files from PC to clip mixer via HDMI.Built-in background màu sắc signal, "Black" & "Bars".2 built-in Still Pictures, which are operated as independent sources (up khổng lồ 32 still pictures ingeneral can be stored in the vision mixer memory).Technological still picturesat all inputs (if there is no clip signal or camera at any input đầu vào it is possible lớn set the picture on it).Built-in 1 kHz audio source (with màu sắc BARS), which is intended for testing and adjustment the level of sound channels.Built-in MultiView.Additional DVI/HDMI output (5th output) which can be assigned as Multiview.6th DVI/HDMI đầu ra is used for Multiview.Picture-in-Picture effects (PiP). Up to lớn 4 picturesat once + 5th background video.2independent Chroma Key channels (with original automatic setting).2independent Logos can be appliedat once.1 Clock (it can be positionedon the screen in any area)."TALLY" signals output.F/W upgrade, upload Still pictures upload Logo & Clock,control panel via Ethernet connection.Transitions: 6 WIPE special effects with reverse mode and mix (with effect settings).


Dynamic range adjustment for digital và analog audio. Input and output audio signals can be selected by the user with nominal levels -6, -12, -18, -24 dBFs (from the OSD menu).Any đầu vào audio channel can be applied to any video source (for example - one audio channel for 4 switchable video clip inputs). This mode is useful for working with an external analog audio mixer.Mix sound synchronously with video clip withspecial type of sound transition –V or Y.Assign the Multiview to any outputs.Overlay the PiP presets và Titles at once.Any inputcan be assign khổng lồ any or lớn all outputs as well.Quick configuration.It is possible to lớn select the tốc độ of video/audio transition.Control the mixer directly or remotely.Additional connector forreserve +12В (9...15В) power supply.Wireless or wired via Ethernet Intercom system for 4 users– optional.Wireless "TALLY"– optional.Encoder H.265/H264– optional.4K Multiview (4 windows) – optional.

Video formatsConnectivityVideo inputsVideo outputsAudioGeneralInterfacesPower SupplySize and Weight
HD input1080 ×50i
1080 ×25p
SD input576 ×50i
HDoutput1080 ×50i
SD output576 ×50i
Input format conversionall inputs can be resized from HD signals lớn SD, HD/p khổng lồ HD/i in any supported formats ofVideo Mixer / Switcher HDNote!All inputs cannot be resized from SD signals lớn HD
SourcesTotal 14 sources:•10 external (8 ×HD/SD SDI(or 4 ×HD/SD SDI + 4 ×CVBS), 1 ×HDMI (DVI-D), 1 ×HDMI (DVI-D)/Title)•4 external (2 truyền thông players và 2 still pictures)
InputsTotal 10:•8 ×SDI (BNC)•2 ×HDMI (DVI-D)(In1-In6, In9, In10: HD/SD SDI (BNC);In7, In8: HDMI (DVI-D))
CVBSIn3-In6 may be CVBS (BNC)
OutputsTotal 6:•4 ×SDI: HD/SD(BNC) outputs assignable to lớn Program; Preview; Program hình ảnh sản phẩm Free; Program logo sản phẩm + Titles Free; Multi-View;•2 ×HDMI (DVI-D): 1 ×HDMI (DVI-D) assignable to lớn Multi-View Output; Program; Preview; Program logo Free; Program logo sản phẩm + Titles Free; 1 ×HDMI (DVI-D) Multi-View
Inputs4 channels XLR balanced (works with external audio mixer) and can be cài đặt as 2 Stereo pairs or 4 Mono inputs 10×Embedded audio (2 ch) vis SDI or HDMI
Outputs2 channels XLR balanced.Output SDI Embedded Audio-One Stereo-Pair (Group and Pair can be selected).HDMI Out Embedded Audio.
Audio level adjustmentEach audio source, including embedded and analog, can be assosiated with any or several video sources. "Audio follows Video" switching mode. Audio cấp độ control of the all inputs & master audio level output via On Screen Display Menu và PC Switcher Utilities.
Signal processing10-bit, 4:2:2 Digital component
Multi-View MonitoringBuilt-in multiview monitoring (1920×1080i resolution); with embedded audio
Frame synchronizerBuilt-in frame synchronizer for each input
Audio processing20 và 24 bit
Effect / KeyersWIPE, MIX, CUT
Chroma Key2works lượt thích independent source
Titels1HDMI titles via PC from Title Manager program
Buit-in clip PlayerDual player (VC3) on SD card, 2 players work lượt thích 2 independent sources.Up to 256 Gb SD Card. đoạn clip capacity up to lớn 4 hours of a video clip content.1 Player (HD Playout) from PC
Built-in Still-image2 Still-images can be assigned on 2 independent buttons.Up to lớn 32 slides can be uploaded from SD card(Slide 1/2), it works like 2 independent sources.Also technological slides can be assigned instead of the each inputs: technological slides upload on In1-In8 from PC and on In9-In10 from SD card
Built-in biệu tượng công ty insertions and Clock8 Logos (1 biệu tượng công ty is dinamic) and 1 Clock, up to 8 Logos can be uploaded from PC in the clip Mixer/Switcher memory & then asigned on independent buttons "Logo 1" and "Logo 2".Clock can be switched on/off with independent button.Location of Logos and Clock can be phối up from PC
Internal Frame MemoryUp khổng lồ 256 Gb SD card. đoạn clip capacity up khổng lồ 4 hours of a video content
Pattern GeneratorColor BARS & audio signal source (1kHz, 0dB), Black
PC controlSimultaneous operation from console & PC
OptionsH.265 encoder, camera channel unit, intercom
Ethernet 100 (1×RJ-45)F/W ugrade; Upload Still Image; biểu tượng logo Insert; Keyboard Controller
Tally OutputD-Sub 15 pin sạc (F)
RS-2321× RS-232 on 9-pin D-sub female controls & power supply for Keyboard Controller up to đôi mươi m
Consumption+12 V, 7A (consumption of đoạn phim mixer 2.75А)
Main Unit440×220×88mm (2U), ~3.9kg
Control Panel440×220×44mm, ~2.4kg
Taking into consideration that we (UMT LLC) are developer & system integrator, also vị not stop on our technical growth và improvement, know that view of all our devices and equipment including their technical parameters may be different from pictures presented on website & parameters listed on each device webpage.

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Note!All details customer has to lớn confirm in advance during ordering & before payment. Those parameters that were not specified & / or were not agreed while ordering will be implemented as basic at the discretion of the manufacturer.Each our customer has 1.5 year warranty & 7 year aftersales support for whole range of our products.