Amd Catalyst Control Center Là Gì? Có Nên Sử Dụng Không?


To take advantage of the GPU capabilities of the new Azure NVv4 series VMs running Windows, AMD GPU drivers must be installed. The AMD GPU Driver Extension installs AMD GPU drivers on a NVv4-series VM. Install or manage the extension using the Azure portal or tools such as Azure PowerShell or Azure Resource Manager templates. See the AMD GPU Driver Extension documentation for supported operating systems & deployment steps.

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If you choose to lớn install AMD GPU drivers manually, this article provides supported operating systems, drivers, and installation & verification steps.

Only GPU drivers published by are supported on NVv4 VMs. Please bởi vì NOT install GPU drivers from any other source.

For basic specs, storage capacities, and disk details, see GPU Windows VM sizes.

Supported operating systems và drivers

Windows 11 64-bit 21H2Windows 10 64-bit 21H1, 21H2, 20H2 (RSX not supported on Win10 20H2)Windows 11 EMS 64-bit 21H2 Windows 10 EMS 64-bit 20H2, 21H2, 21H1(RSX not supported on EMS)Windows hệ thống 2016Windows hệ thống 201922.Q2-1 (.exe)

Previous supported driver versions for Windows builds up khổng lồ 1909 are 20.Q4-1 (.exe) and 21.Q2-1 (.exe)


If you use build 1903/1909 then you may need khổng lồ update the following group policy for optimal performance. These changes are not needed for any other Windows builds.

Policies->Windows Settings->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Remote Desktop Services->Remote Desktop Session Host->Remote Session Environment>, set the Policy to lớn Disabled.

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Driver installation

Connect by Remote Desktop khổng lồ each NVv4-series VM.

Download and install the latest driver.

Reboot the VM.

Verify driver installation

You can verify driver installation in Device Manager. The following example shows successful configuration of the Radeon Instinct MI25 card on an Azure NVv4 VM.


You can use dxdiag khổng lồ verify the GPU display properties including the đoạn clip RAM. The following example shows a 1/2 partition of the Radeon Instinct MI25 thẻ on an Azure NVv4 VM.

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If you are running Windows 10 build 1903 or higher then dxdiag will show no information in the "Display" tab. Please use the "Save All Information" option at the bottom và the output đầu ra file will show the information related lớn AMD MI25 GPU.