How To Manage Action Center In Windows 7



Security và maintenance are important with any computer, & Windows 7 has made several improvements that make it easier than ever lớn keep your computer in good shape.

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In this lesson, you will learn how lớn use the Action Center, User account Control Settings, and Troubleshooting to lớn keep your computer running as smoothly as possible. You will also learn how to recover your system settings with System Restore khổng lồ fix more serious issues.

What is the action Center?

The Action Center is a centralized place lớn view security & maintenance messages, & it also makes it easy to lớn find và fix problems with your computer.

Learn more about how to use the action Center in this video.

To use the action Center:

If you have any important messages, the flag icon on the taskbar will display a red "X" symbol.

To open the action Center, click the small flag icon on the taskbar.Review the messages.Click Open kích hoạt Center to respond to lớn messages.
Open the kích hoạt Center
To access the kích hoạt Center from the Control Panel:Click Start.Go to lớn the Control Panel.Click Review Your Computer's Status under System & Security.Fixing problems using the action Center:

Your messages are displayed in the kích hoạt Center pane. Important messages will have a red bar, while less important ones will have a yellow bar. If a security or maintenance issue has a solution, there will be a button on the right side of the message.

Some messages are just notifications và do not indicate a problem with your computer. These messages will not include a solution button, but they may still have important information or instructions.

To fix a problem, click the (solution) button and follow the directions on the screen. When you are done, the message will disappear from the action Center.

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Respond to lớn messages in the kích hoạt Center

Changing your User account Control settings

What is User account Control?

User trương mục Control warns you when a program or user is trying to lớn change your computer's settings. It puts a temporary lock on your computer until you confirm that you want khổng lồ allow the changes. This helps to protect your computer from malicious software. When it was introduced in Windows Vista, many users found that it generated too many disruptive pop-up warnings. Windows 7 now lets the user decide how often they will receive these warnings.

To change your User tài khoản Control settings:Open the Action Center.Click Change User tài khoản Control settings.
Change User account Control Settings
Use the slider khổng lồ choose the level of protection you want from User account Control. It is recommended that you use one of the top two settings. The other two should only be used in special circumstances. It may be best to lớn choose the highest setting. If you kết thúc up getting too many pop-ups, you can always lower it khổng lồ the second setting.
Adjust how you receive notification messages

Windows 7 troubleshooting

Not all computer problems will be shown in the action Center. For example, you may be having trouble with a particular program or device, or with connecting lớn the Internet. For these types of problems, you will want khổng lồ view troubleshooting options.

To get there, click Troubleshooting at the bottom of the action Center pane.
Access Troubleshooting

In the Troubleshooting pane, you will see several programs called troubleshooters, which help you identify và fix problems with your software và hardware.

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Click the buttons in the interactive below lớn see information about some useful troubleshooters. Note that your computer may have a slightly different danh mục of troubleshooters.