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import Foundation

class Class1 {

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objc func popok(_ sender: Any?) { //swift code let message =… … let msg = MimeMessage() msg.setFrom(sender as! ) msg.setReplyTo(sender as! ) … msg.addAttachmentData(data, mimeType: “text/html”, subtype: “html”, filename: “。。” ) msg.addAttachmentData(data, https://speedhappens.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/zylihola.pdf

Oct 11, 2008 2 guys 1 horse is funny. 6,138 likes. 24,458 dislikes. Oct 11, 2008. Likes 24. Dislike 82. Oct 17, 2010 He’s made a little youtube clip in response to lớn the video, titled “I taught my son how khổng lồ be a horse” Sudden death of the guy who made the movie 2 guys 1 horse: He apparently died on the . Jan 17, 2009 Video: Two guys and one horse

Jan 18, 2009

Feb 20, 2009 The strange thread that features a liên kết to the famous 2 guys 1 horse . May 6, 2012 This guy claims to be the real Mr. Hands from the famous 2 guys 1 horse video. It could be true or it could be some mạng internet troll, and we can’t be sure.

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Apr 23, 2011 2 guys 1 horse is a comedic short film in which two actors are riding a horse while a third, an internet sensation known as “Mr. Hands,” is pulling the horse’s leash. The horse runs off, và the film ends with the two actors leaving the scene riding the now-unattached Mr. Hands. The short was initially posted lớn YouTube by Liz Claman, a second-year student at the new york Film Academy, as her graduation project. Oct 1, 2009 2 guys 1 horse is a little known short video that shows the power nguồn of the internet when directing a viral video that could bring more people together than anything happening in the world today. It follows the story of ‘Mr. Hands’ who takes on a stunt called ‘The 2 guys 1 horse’ where a horse is tied khổng lồ a chair, with 2 guys & his head in the saddle, Mr. Hands is pulling the horse’s leash & everyone just laughs. 5 hrs ago In this video, a man riding a horse is snapped by a security camera & is unable lớn stop the horse in time, as the horse runs into a tiny door, smashing it lớn pieces. It is said that the horse is taken khổng lồ a vet to get fixed up, & that the security camera footage had been found in the man’s car. However, other news outlets have said that 82138339de